Maya Yachini

Maya Yachini

Ph.D candidate

TIKRA! - Digital tools for improved reading and learning in students with dyslexia

Developing digital tools to diagnose and ameliorate text reading in students with reading and language disabilities, allowing them to learn and reach their full potential

Reading is a fundamental ability in higher education. To learn effectively, students need to be able to read scientific papers and books, to read texts during presentations in class. Some of the students who otherwise have an intellectual potential for good learning and even brilliant academic carriers fail to fulfill their potentials due to specific reading disability: dyslexia.

This project aims to help students reach their academic potential by the development of computerized digital tools that will help students with dyslexia read, according to their specific type of dyslexia. This, too, has never been done in that way.

The innovation of the proposed project stems from the fact that whereas most of the currently available approaches for diagnosis and treatment of developmental dyslexias treat dyslexia as a homogeneous phenomenon, we base our diagnosis and treatment on research that has been done in the past 40 years, showing that there are various types of dyslexia, each with different characteristics, and hence, each benefitting from different types of treatment and manipulations on text.

About Maya

Combining between research and the education field Maya Yachini is a PhD student in Education in the language and brain lab at Tel Aviv University and works as a Professional Coordinator and lecturer at the Learning disability diagnostician program

Maya's research focuses on learning disabilities, mainly on dysgraphia, dyslexia and SLI. By focusing on different types of dysgraphias and dyslexias, Maya hopes to improve the way we treat children and adults with learning disabilities by developing new treatment.