Dr. Goren Gordon

Goren has a BMSc (bachelor in medical sciences), MSc in physics and MBA from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. 

In Weizmann Institute of Science he finished one PhD under the supervision of Prof. Gershon Kurizki, on dynamical quantum decoherence control, a way to facilitate the emergence of quantum computers; and another PhD under the supervision of Prof. Ehud Ahissar, where he developed and extended mathematical models of curiosity, analyzed animal’s behaviors with it and implemented it in robots that learned about their own body, similar to infants. 

He did his postdoc with Prof. Cynthia Breazeal at the Personal Robots Group in the Media Lab, MIT, where he studied how curious robots interact with curious children. He discovered that curiosity can be “contagious”, i.e. children playing with a curios robot became more curious themselves. Goren now heads the Curiosity Lab in Tel-Aviv University, where he develops state-of-the-art computational models of curiosity; quantitative assessment tools for curiosity; and curious social robots that learn about other agents in their environment, all by themselves. 

Goren is also interested in scientific education and has a Teaching Certificate from MIT. He develops quantum computer games that teach quantum physics to children via play as well as gives popular lectures on quantum physics, the brain and inter-disciplinary thinking.