Inbar Lucia Trinczer

PhD Candidate

My project

Mapping the cognitive and academic difficulties of children with Attention Deficit\Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and implementing two computer-based neurocognitive training programs to improve their cognitive and academic functioning

My project combines theoretical and applied aspects, which together will map the cognitive and academic difficulties children with ADHD face, and the associations between them. In addition, the project will include an intervention part that will examine new applicable technological solutions (neurocognitive training) to improve the performance of the deficient underlying mechanisms of individuals with ADHD.

The intervention part is designed to investigate the neural, cognitive and academic outcomes of two different computer-based neurocognitive trainings: (a) Computerized Progressive Attentional Training (CPAT) program; and (b) Training of Computerized Executive Function Games (TCEFG) program.

One of the unique aspects of our training programs lies in the social aspect of the intervention programs. It is conservative to assume that a child, whose social and emotional needs are not met, is a child who is less available for learning. Accordingly, the training sessions also include a novel ‘group work’ module that is used as a platform for a significant social interaction, and therefore provides the core needs of socialization and a sense of belonging. The group activities in this module allow the creation of new interactions, enables learning from peers, and leads to solidarity feelings with others who are experiencing similar difficulties. In addition, a group setting is known for its significant strength in raising motivation for participation.

About me

I am a 3rd year PhD candidate, researching the effects of computerized attentional training, and executive function games over different functions of children with ADHD, at the Attention lab of the University of Tel-Aviv. I acquired my M.A in learning disabilities at the University of Tel-Aviv. In addition to my research, I work as a child development occupational therapist, diagnosing and treating children, from variety of ages, with developmental and learning disabilities. I am the Co-Founder of ’TiruOT’, a unique enterprise in child occupational therapy, dedicated to help treat children with development deficits through intimate small group interactions and a personal connection with every child.