Limor Radoszkowicz

Post doc

About the project:

In the current project we wish to re-design academic courses and construct a novel teaching platform that will provide new experiences for the students and will encourage meaningful and long-term learning. The overall idea is to shift the focus from the lecturer to the class itself, so that, from passive listeners, students will advance to become active participants.

Advanced active learning methods exist and are being used mainly in small classes/groups of students. A great challenge is enhancing active learners’ classes in courses containing a large number of students. This can be facilitated by technological means. We wish to design a smart class platform with various simple digital tools that will allow teachers to promote dynamic and interactive discussions, groups work, reviewing, and so on. 

About me:

I have a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry from TAU. My fascination and passion about science education has led me to gain vast experience in teaching, instructing, and developing scientific programs to a large variety of students in different pedagogic frameworks at universities, colleges and high schools.