Dr. Limor Radoszkowicz

My project

Learning differently, by means of active learning, is not just a hollow phrase. It is becoming a reality in more and more courses on the campus and beyond. Interest in the subject is not only growing, it’s surging. To address the challenge of engaging students in learning, and enhancing long-term knowledge acquisition, we established the MinDDoor initiative for creating “Escape Rooms for Learning.”

Using this method, we strive to help students better understand complex and abstract material through an enjoyable game. Students are confronted with the main difficulties encountered in academic courses through an imaginary world of 3-dimensional models, hands-on experiments and multiple stimuli. The rooms’ quizzes have to be solved under a time constraint.

So far, we have built 5 different escape rooms based on 5 academic courses. Over 300 students participated in our escape rooms, including undergraduate students, graduate students, senior staff and high school students.

In the current project, we aim to develop tools for evaluation and controlled study of our method, to implement escape rooms as an integral part of academic curricula, and to expand to more faculties with a broader net of participants.

About me

I have a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry from TAU. My passion for science and education has led me to gain substantial experience in teacher training and developing scientific programs for a large variety of students in different pedagogical frameworks at universities, colleges and high schools. I am happy to take part in this fascinating journey that targets learning from the perspectives of academic research, field research and the most interesting fine line between them.