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Maya Ankaoua

Improving general intelligence tests

In many everyday situations, we preform mental manipulations, such as mentally rotating an object. Reflecting their significance in real life, mental manipulations also play a significant role in several aptitude tests aimed to assess general intelligence, such as the Raven progressive matrices test. The goal of my PhD is to understand the separate role and the interactions between the different cognitive functions that operate during mental manipulations. This will allow building more accurate tests, both in terms of the difficulty and the relevance to various populations. The knowledge obtained by my research can be helpful in any circumstances that rely on aptitude tests, such as jobs interviews, recruiting for the military, getting into specific programs in schools and getting accepted to the university. It is also important in other areas of life, such as writing clearer IKEA instructions.

About Maya:

I am a Psychology PhD student in Prof. Roy Luria's lab in Tel-Aviv University. My M.Sc. examined cognitive control in gifted adolescents, under the supervision of Prof. Lilach Shalev-Mevorach and Prof. Roy Luria. My B.Sc. was in Biology and in Psychology with an emphasis on Neuroscience.