Prof. Emerita Ruth Amossy

Prof. Emerita Ruth Amossy is a specialist of French literature, Rhetorical argumentation and Discourse Analysis. She is the coordinator of a francophone research group, ADARR (Analyse du discours, argumentation, rhétorique) located at Tel-Aviv University, and the chief editor of the online, renowned scientific journal Argumentation et analyse du discours. 

Prof. Amossy has published groundbreaking works on the role of stereotypes in literary texts, on the argumentative functions of clichés and doxa, on the role of ethos in public discourse, on argumentation and on polemical discourse. She has introduced into argumentation studies a trend called argumentation in discourse that has much influenced the field, especially in Europe, South America, and all the francophone countries. 

She is the author of numerous scientific articles and books among which Les idées reçues. Sémiologie du stéréotype (1991), L’argumentation dans le discours (2012 [2000]), La présentation de soi, Ethos et identité verbale (2010), Apologie de la polémique (2014), Une formule dans la guerre des mots : La délégitimation d’Israël (2018). Part of these works have been translated into Corean, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Prof. Amossy has received the Landau prize in 2012, and other distinctions in France. 

She has taught seminars in various countries among which France, Belgium, Canada, USA, Argentina, Columbia, Ivory Coast.