Prof. Lilach Shalev

Prof. Lilach Shalev is the Head of the Attention Lab, affiliated to the School of Education and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel-Aviv University (TAU). In addition, she is the Head of the Division of Learning Disabilities and the chair of the Research Committee of the School of Education. Also, Prof. Shalev is a member in the Committee for Learning Innovation at TAU. Her research focuses on assessment and training of attention and cognitive control and their impact on learning in various populations and settings. Together with her colleagues and with her large vivid research group she develops novel cognitive training programs and assesses their outcomes using a combination of neuropsychological, brain-imaging and psychological measures. 

During the last decade Prof. Shalev was invited to give lectures and workshops in the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and Brazil. Her basic research studies are translated to applied tools for teachers and other professionals in Israel and around the world. Her pioneering cognitive training program (CPAT) is used and studied in Israel, UK, Brazil and Japan. 

Throughout her academic career she received prestigious fellowships, awards and grants from the Rothschild Foundation, the British Council, The Israeli Science Foundation (ISF), The Israeli Ministry of Science and the Israeli Ministry of Education. Her articles are published in high impact scientific journals. 

She develops innovative interventions and leads studies aimed at improving academic performance of learners in a wide age range (from kindergarten to higher education).