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Roy Sar-el, M.D.

Modulating the functional context of Methylphenidate administration to enhance drug effect on attention deficits in university students

We propose to employ a novel approach, harnessing the interplay between drug effect and mental context upon administration, thus introducing the concept of functional-pharmacological coupling (FPC) to achieve focused drug delivery in humans. The research goal is to help ADHD-diagnosed students reach their full academic potential, by optimizing and personalizing the use of MPH, thus improving efficacy and reducing adverse effects. To test the assumption that the individual variability in responding to MPH might be related to functional state upon intake, we will couple MPH administration with specific tasks that induce certain brain states.

This study will challenge the concept of personalized drug treatment in general and with regard to MPH in particular and by that will help improving academic performance and reduce adverse effects. If our novel approach proven successful, it will open a new horizon for adult ADHD, and will have a unique impact on the growing field of cognitive enhancement.

About me:

I acquired a B.A in Psychology & Political science from Haifa University and then completed an MD-PhD dual degree at the Sackler faculty of Medicine, Tel-aviv university. Currently I am a resident physician at the Psychiatric department of the Tel-aviv Sourasky medical center (Ichilov), and a post-doctoral student at the Sagol Center for Brain functions. My research centers on the interplay between neuropsychiatric pharmacological treatment and functional brain states.