Tom Solomon

Ph.D candidate

My research

My research under the supervision of Dr. Tom Schonberg, focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms underlying learning and behavioral change, and how can we utilize them to enhance cognitive procedures, resulting in more effective quality learning. My previous work showed that using novel paradigms, behavioral change can be induced without using external reinforcements, with strong effects which persisted for a long period of at least six months. In the current project I aim to use brain signals measured using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), as well behavioral and eye tracking data. By combining these measurements with machine learning algorithms, real-time neurofeedback as well as virtual reality environment I intend to achieve three main goals - to understand the neural basis of non-reinforced learning, to predict future successful learning using neural bio-markers, and ultimately use this knowledge to develop novel procedure for individualized efficient learning. The project could provide insightful understanding of the cognitive and neural mechanisms involved in learning, as well as have exciting practical applications which could be used immediately to advance the world of education in the modern era of technological revolutions and abundant knowledge.

About myself

I initiated my first steps in neuroscience at the early age of 18, starting my bachelor degree in Tel-Aviv University interdisciplinary program for psychology and biology with emphasis on neuroscience. In my B.Sc. I had the opportunity to experience in research projects of a wide variety of disciplines - from cognitive and imaging studies in humans to molecular methods with rodents and cell lines. In 2011 I graduated with exceeding excellence in biology and excellence in psychology. Following my graduation, I continued developing my research skills working three years as a researcher in the IDF’s department for behavioral sciences. In 2016 I completed my M.Sc. studies at Sagol School of Neuroscience with exceeding excellence, under the supervision of Dr. Tom Schonberg. Immediately after my graduation I began my Ph.D in the department of neurobiology and joined Sagol School of Neuroscience’s Minducate neuroscience and education research center.